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When a Band-Aid isn't enough

Something for a headache or a scraped knee ...

For years, friends of New Thing have provided all the basic medicine-cabinet meds and supplies for the children at Osipovichi ...

children with mental and physical disabilities, who live and learn and grow in a boarding school here.

(I shared photos of some of the 82 children last week; you can still see them here.)

But the facilities are decrepit — and now there are serious new needs:

  • Broken gutters are letting rain and melted snow into children’s rooms.

  • There’s mold on the walls. Some ceilings are crumbling.

  • Old flammable wallpaper in bedrooms and classrooms must be removed, the walls to be covered with safe acrylic paint. If you’d like a brief video tour, 5 minutes or so, here it is.

(Thanks to Oleg Yarovenko for the video and Max Korostelyov for the voiceover.)

The teachers and house parents and support staff began the work themselves, however they could.

But now, they’re out of funds.

They’re still willing to work — but they need more materials.

I’ve told Director Larisa I think friends of New Thing can cover the cost of the most urgent repairs — $2000 in all.

But whether you can give or not, I thank you for journeying with New Thing!

I’ll keep you posted on this project, and the other good work of our “Response of the Heart” in Belarus.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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