Homeless and

The Poor 

For some two decades, a faithful servant-leader led a lonely effort to feed the homeless of Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. In recent years, New Thing had the honor of stepping in to organize this work.

Now, our “soup kitchen” feeds up to 140 homeless and poor every weekday. A superb chef lands donations from area farmers, local restaurants, and others, and we buy what can’t be found otherwise — then our wizard of the kitchen concocts awesome meals for those Jesus called “the least of these my brethren.”


But food is only the beginning of this work.


We also connect with those who want and need more help — everything from haircuts to healthcare, lodging to legal work.


For those who can’t access government services for lack of proper documentation, we help to re-establish official ID. It can be a long, complicated process, but our “Response of the Heart” team digs in and sticks with it.


And over the long haul, the flame of hope flickers to life. New stories are being written, every day.

If there’s one component of New Thing’s work that needs the help of caring people in the West, this is it. Please consider standing with us in support of this critically important effort.

You can make a beautiful personal difference for people in need in Belarus. Make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount and your gift will be acknowledged promptly, and you’ll be receipted for your records.