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Hospitals and

The Sick

The doctors are smart, and wise. The nurses are caring and devoted. The support staffers work hard.

In the big city, healthcare is good. But sometimes, in the outlying villages and towns of Belarus, hospitals and clinics just don’t have the funds they really need.


The buildings may be ancient. The winter winds whistle through rotting window casings. Equipment can be outdated.


So friends of New Thing step in and help.


  • We’ve had the joy of building a children’s playroom in a hospital near the Russian border.

  • In a pediatric wing, we took out ancient, rotting windows and put in brand-new airtight replacements.

  • We provided a microwave so new mommies could heat bottles for their babies.

  • In one hospital, we provided brand-new beds, side tables, and visitor chairs for every room — in another, all this for the entire pediatric wing, plus air purifiers.


Just to name a few.


We’ve also loved responding to needs in boarding schools designated for children with specific illnesses ... like buying a huge commercial dryer for a laundry room at Old Borisov, home to 400 kids at high risk for tuberculosis ... paving the walkway up to the front door of a boarding school at Zelva ... You get the idea.

To help the sick in Belarus, please donate to New Thing. We’re all-volunteer on the U.S. side, so 100% of your contribution will go into Belarus. Thank you for your compassion!

You can make a beautiful personal difference for people in need in Belarus. Make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount and your gift will be acknowledged promptly, and you’ll be receipted for your records.

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