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Disabled Children

and Adults 

"Hide." This was the main idea, for generations, for any family of a disabled child in Belarus. It was assumed that a child with physical or mental disabilities should be mostly hidden from view. Kept out of society. As if they didn’t exist.

Today, there’s a refreshing new wave of openness. Parents of children with disabilities have formed associations to support each other — to give their children opportunities that any child would enjoy: an outing to the circus, a week at summer camp, a trip to the big city!


For many Belarusian families, especially in the villages, these types of excursions would be impossible — there’s simply no money to spare.


But friends of New Thing step in to make the miracle possible.


And even on “ordinary” days, we’re there. If a parent can’t work because they need to provide fulltime care to a child with disabilities, we provide humanitarian aid to help make ends meet.


We also help in institutions devoted to children with disabilities — like the laundry and ironing equipment we provided at Molotkovichskaya, so kids could learn basic “home ec” skills.

If you have a heart for children with disabilities, we’d love to have your help. Donate to New Thing, and you’ll be bringing children and families with special needs out into the light where they belong!

You can make a beautiful personal difference for people in need in Belarus. Make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount and your gift will be acknowledged promptly, and you’ll be receipted for your records.

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