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Orphans update

Greetings! I hope you’re doing well today, staying safe and healthy.

I promised to keep you posted on the progress of our project — and here it is: Every year we have the privilege of providing “Life Starter Kits” for orphans graduating from high school in Kobryn, Belarus. They leave the Children’s Village with nothing, unless we help them.

11 orphans are graduating next month.

(The photos you see here were taken by their own house mothers.) A gift of $54.59 provides a blanket, a pillow, and bed linens for one orphan. A gift of $91.69 provides all this plus pots and pans. If we receive more than the total we need, we’ll provide irons and tea kettles, too. Any gift, large or small, will help.

As I write, 3 friends have been able to make a donation toward this need.

I know times are tight here in the U.S., but some of have been blessed enough that we can still give a helping hand to others. If you can, please help these orphans with a gift today. Thanks for journeying with us! Much love, Doug Brendel

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