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One and one-third couches

Just a quick update——

Children’s Village in Kobryn Belarus: 8 homes for orphans.

After decades of wear and tear, each home needed a big new sleeper-sofa.

Generous friends of New Thing have given enough to replace 6 and two-thirds sofas!

The orphans in 6 homes are celebrating.

The orphans in 2 homes are still hoping.

When I contact our “Response of the Heart” team next week, I really hope I can say:

“No orphan gets left out. We made the goal!”

We’re only $1324.06 short of the goal: new sofas for ALL the orphans, not just some.

Maybe we have 20 friends who could give a $66.20 gift?

Anything you give will go twice as far, thanks to an awesome dollar-for-dollar Matching Challenge.

Thanks for loving the orphans!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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