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  • Doug Brendel

Medication for disabled children

Hello again!

I wrote you about the children with disabilities at a boarding school in Belarus.

They need meds, and every year as Thanksgiving approaches, we supply them.

This year, a few friends have given, but we’re still $1,324.81 short of the goal.

I know there are a lot of good causes you can give to, but I hope you can choose New Thing just this once.

Even if you could give just $13.50, you could be 1 of 100 friends meeting the need.

Or please feel free to give whatever you feel you can give today.

And the moment we reach the goal, your gift will be matched, the impact of your generosity DOUBLED, through an amazing Matching Challenge from a couple committed supporters.

Please consider this opportunity for compassion, and do whatever you can.

I’ll be grateful ... and I know the disabled children — and the workers giving their lives to care for them — will be too.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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