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Kids with disabilities, learning life skills — It's a good thing!

Hello again!

I just want to update you on the project I shared with you last week.

(My original email appears below, in case you’d like to review it.)

This is for children with mental disabilities who are learning life skills in the boarding school at Bogomol, Belarus.

As I write, 6 generous friends have come forward with donations, for a total of $448.19, and 1 other friend has promised to give.

So we’ve made good progress, but at the moment, we’re still short by $1,076.81.

If you haven’t helped yet, I hope you can today.

In any case, thanks for journeying with New Thing!

Much love,

Doug Brendel


Greetings!I am thrilled to report that our friend Valery Petrovich, director of the boarding school for children with mental disabilities, at Bogomol, has survived Covid-19. (Here’s my original photo report from the school, if you’d like to take another look.) Meanwhile, the children are busy making repairs on the facilities using the woodworking equipment funded by generous friends of New Thing!

The children are learning and growing so much ... getting equipped for life on their own someday. But they could do more — learn more — grow more — if we fund more machinery. Do you want to help them? I hope so. A gift of $100 will provide a jigsaw. $200 will provide a lathe or a drilling machine. A set of drills can be had for $30. A generous friend has already funded enough safety goggles for all the students! In fact, the workshop could use a total of $1525 worth of equipment. So whatever you give today will make a difference. If just 20 friends give a gift of $76.25 ... or if 30 friends give $50.83 each ... we can meet the entire need. Thanks for responding however you can. I am grateful, Valery Petrovich and the workers will be grateful.... And the kids will be THRILLED! Much love, Doug Brendel

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