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  • Doug Brendel

A Tylenol for Turkey Day?

Headache? Aspirin.

Scrape? Band-Aid.


But at the boarding school for children with mental and physical disabilities in Osipovichi, Belarus...

Not so easy.

So every year at Thanksgiving time, our New Thing family tradition is to fund a year’s worth of basic medicine-cabinet stuff:

Tylenol, vitamins, hydrogen peroxide, Band-Aids, gauze, cotton balls ... but also:

• meds these kids need for brain function, • meds to fight progressive muscle weakness, • meds to ease muscle tension in kids with cerebral palsy — and more.

Director Larisa is amazed that New Thing has kept up this tradition so faithfully.

But I can’t imagine turning away from these children ... and I can’t think of a better Thanksgiving tradition.

And the reality is, Larisa has no other way to meet this need.

It will take a total of $3,642.12 for the whole year’s worth of meds and supplies.

But two friends have offered us an amazing Matching Challenge.

If we can raise $1,821.06, they’ll match every penny.

So I’m hoping for 30 friends to give a “Thanksgiving gift” of $60.70 today.

Or maybe you can be one of 21 friends giving $86.72.

But whatever gift you can give today, large or small, you’ll be doing a beautiful thing.

And on Thanksgiving Day, as you celebrate the blessings in your own life, you’ll know you gave the children — and the workers caring for them — something to celebrate too.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

P.S. You can meet some of the children here: It’s a photo report from one of my first visits, back in 2016.

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