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Helping Children and Adults In Need

There are still struggles. But there is hope.

It’s wonderfully rewarding work ... and we’d love to include you!

Our Cause

Chernobyl started it all. Most of the radiation fell to the north of Ukraine, in the land of Belarus. People got sick. Kids have underdeveloped immune systems, so they suffered the most. The nation took a huge hit.

Abandoned Children

Alcohol, drugs, poverty, prison, violence, crime. When a child suffers abuse or abandonment, someone has to do something.

Homeless & Poor

If there’s one component of New Thing’s work that needs the help of caring people in the West, this is it.

Hospitals &

The Sick

In the big city, healthcare is good. But sometimes, in the outlying villages and towns of Belarus, hospitals and clinics just don’t have the funds they really need.

The Disabled

It was assumed that a child or adult with physical or mental disabilities should be mostly hidden from view. Kept out of society. As if they didn’t exist.


Each year in the town of Kobryn, at graduation time, as another year’s worth of orphans approaches age 18, we provide “Life Starter Kits” as they prepare to head out into the world on their own.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization

New Thing was established by Doug and Kristina Brendel in 2002 to help people in need in the Republic of Belarus, in the former USSR.

New Thing helps children and adults in need in Belarus and more.

Orphans and foster families

Abused and abandoned children

The homeless, the poor, the disabled

Hospital patients and sick kids

And the list goes on.


News, stories, and our work to end poverty in the Republic of Belarus.

It’s wonderfully rewarding work ... and we’d love to include you!

New Thing is all-volunteer in the U.S., so every penny donated goes into Belarus. We have the privilege of providing virtually 100% of the funding needed for “Response of the Heart” to do its work all over Belarus.

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