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Where will the orphans go?

One of the house moms at the Children’s Village in Kobryn, Belarus, kindly made up a dossier on the orphans who will graduate this spring.

These are the young people we want to give Life Starter Kits to (7, not 6 as I previously reported). The dossier tells you the students’ names and birthdays, and what they plan to study in the years ahead. I thought you’d like to see for yourself, so the dossier is here. Meanwhile, as I write this, 9 friends have given toward the Life Starter Kits and laptops. If you’d like to contribute as well, your generosity will be very much appreciated. · $60 provides a blanket, pillow, and bed linens. · $80 provides all the kitchenware. · $140 provides all the bedroom and kitchen supplies together. · $900 provides a laptop for 1 orphan. So any gift you give today will help! God bless you for your compassion. Thanks for journeying with New Thing! Much love, Doug Brendel

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