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  • Doug Brendel

What do you say to the child you love?

I am deeply disturbed to learn about a situation at the Children’s Village for orphans in Kobryn...

... the place where we provide Life Starter Kits for orphans as they age out of the Belarusian foster system.

This Children’s Village was built nearly three decades ago.

15 large houses, each with 4 to 8 children, and 1 or 2 parents.

Hundreds and hundreds of orphans have called this place “home” over the years.

But here’s what shocks me:

Not a single bed has ever been replaced.

The children today are sleeping on the same beds from Day One, 27 years ago.

Many of the beds are literally falling apart.

They’re actually beyond repair.

I couldn’t say to a child I love, “Sleep here.”

I’m hoping friends of New Thing will replace beds in the Children’s Village.

* A bunk bed in Belarus costs just $179.97. They urgently need two. Could you provide one?

Or give $89.99 to provide one of the bunks?

* A standard child’s bed costs $91.98. They need two immediately. Could you provide one?

Or give $45.99 and let me combine your gift with someone else’s to give a child a new bed?

* They need 12 mattresses, with water-repellant covers.

Maybe you can be super-generous and provide a mattress and cover by giving $209.96.

* A bedspread doesn’t cost much. But they need 25 of them, because so many are literally falling apart.

Could you give $37.60 to provide two? Or $56.40 to provide three?

If we do all this, it will take a total of $3,533.40. That’s a lot. But if each of us gives whatever we can, I know we can get there.

And soon, an orphaned child will be tucked in to a sturdy, comfortable new bed — for the first time in their life.

I invite you to think about it and make the best donation you can, today.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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