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The little girl on the left

The little girl is on the left. At least that’s how I think of the mommy in the photo.

We met Alina on our very first trip to the shelter for abused and abandoned children at Zhodino, Belarus, nearly two decades ago.

Sadly, we found her back in the shelter repeatedly over the years.

But love makes a difference.

The generosity of the New Thing family helped keep the shelter going, providing care for Alina and hundreds of other children.

In spite of her difficult childhood, Alina today is a successful young adult (and now baby Aurora has joined her family!).

Soon to come: a video documentary about Alina’s journey, and the role of New Thing in the work of this shelter.

God bless all who give to help children and adults in need all over Belarus.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

(Photos by Oleg Yarovenko)

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