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  • Doug Brendel

No wallpaper, please

At left: Tanya.

At right: Our own “Response of the Heart” team member Elena P.

Members of our team visited a “League of Good” shelter for homeless people in Minsk.

(Friends of New Thing have helped them a lot.)

Here, we found Tanya!

She cooks and cleans, to keep the house comfortable for guests.

“No problem for me!” she says. Then, a joke:

“If you ask me to hang wallpaper, that’s a problem.”

She’s remarkably cheery, after all she’s been through.

She came to Belarus from Azerbaijan with her mother and sister. Tragically, both died.

In a brutal assault, she lost an eye. She ended up on the streets.

This shelter saved her life.

“The world is not without good people!” Tanya declares.

You’re one of them.

For 30 seconds, you can see our beloved longtime photographer Oleg interviewing Tanya.

(Our good friend Max translates.)

Thank you for following New Thing!

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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