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Leavin’ on a jet plane

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I’m a couple hours away from leaving for Belarus.

I hope to be able to tell Director Larisa that we can provide a year’s worth of basic medicines for the disabled children at the boarding school at Osipovichi.

But we’re still $1,747.12 short of the goal.

I hope there are 10 friends who can give a major gift of $174.71 right now … or 20 friends who can give $87.36 each.

Or if you can give $58.24 you’ll be 1 of 30 friends coming together for this very good cause.

Whatever you can give right now will make a beautiful impact.

When a disabled child has a headache, or a runny nose … or needs a diaper changed… 

or scrapes a knee and needs a little ointment and gauze…

Your love will make the difference.

Thank you in advance.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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