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How to help Belarus this week


Knowing you care about the people of Belarus, I want to give you this opportunity to make a personal impact in an unusual way....

Please share the news about our funny “Mombasa Marathon” with all your email contacts and on your social media channels:

Join me for the hilarious online MOMBASA MARATHON!

History-making novel-reading event, 10 hours performed by the author

• Sat. Aug. 28, 1-9 pm ET

• Sun. Aug. 29, 1-9 pm ET

Visit online anytime, and give online to help the people of Belarus!

(Every dollar donated goes directly into Belarus — no percentage held back)

Copy and paste these links:

This is gonna be fun!

The more people we can get to visit online during the marathon, the more support we’ll gather for people in need in Belarus.

Thank you for participating in this way!

Hope to see you with us online this weekend!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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