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Updated: Sep 6, 2019


Greetings to all who have given, or who follow, New Thing’s work in the former USSR!

I’ve received a message from Kozovaya, the leader of our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk.

She’s heard from the town of Porechsky, in the west of Belarus, where there’s a boarding school for some 500 children with serious gastro-intestinal and other abdominal problems.

There’s a serious problem with the water purification system.

The children, who require significant amounts of drinking water every day because of their medical condition, cannot — MUST NOT — drink the water.

Director Larisa and her staff are doing their best to meet the need by purchasing bottled water, but it’s impossibly expensive.

They urgently need a water purification system, including an electric boiler, and ideally they would install a drinking fountain in the facility for the children too. The total need is $2,250.

I want to help them. If I could do it myself, I would. But maybe we can do it together.

So I invite you to give whatever you can.

(Maybe you’ve never given to New Thing before, but you can sympathize with children who don’t have clean water to drink, and you could be 1 of 100 friends to give $22.50. Or maybe you could give more.)

Whatever you feel would be right to do, I urge you to respond quickly, because water can’t wait. And these children, because of their medical situation, need pure water more than most.

Thanks for understanding the urgency of this situation and taking action ASAP. I depart for Belarus on Sept. 5th and I hope to deliver the good news that generous friends have met the need!

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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