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If Thanksgiving comes early...

Friends of New Thing know what we do every year, as a Thanksgiving tradition:

For children with mental and physical disabilities, living at a boarding school in Osipovichi, Belarus...

We fund a year’s worth of basic meds and supplies:

Aspirin, Band-Aids, vitamins, cotton balls, the basics you find in your medicine cabinet at home...

Plus the special meds these kids need for brain function, muscle development, special meds for kids with cerebral palsy, and more.

(You can see last year’s campaign here.)

But this year, Thanksgiving needs to come early ... and be bigger.

Because of the Ukraine crisis, sanctions, and inflation, our gift from last year is running out sooner.

A year’s worth of meds will now take about $5000 instead of the previous $3600 or so.

Two friends have generously offered an amazing Matching Challenge of $3000, if our New Thing family will give the other $2000.

So I’m hoping you can give today.

Every $20 given will become $50, up to the $5000 total.

  • A gift of $40 becomes $100 worth of meds.

  • $60 turns into $150.

  • $80 translates into $200.

  • $100 provides $250 in meds and supplies for the kids.

Thanks in advance for grasping the importance of this need, and giving what you can.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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