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For Thanksgiving … meds?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

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What will we do for Thanksgiving?

Same question, every year.

What for dinner? Who’ll be at the table?

But for me, Thanksgiving isn’t just about food. It’s about medicine.

And it’s not just about my own family.

It’s about my adopted family. In Belarus. In the former Soviet Union.

At a boarding school for profoundly disabled children in the town of Osipovichi, the medicines are running out.

I mean simple meds, like you and I grab from the bathroom cabinet. And basics like gauze, and cotton balls.

I love these kids. I love these workers.

Each year, as Thanksgiving Day approaches, I ask our New Thing family to reach out in love to the children, and to the workers giving their lives to care for them.

It’s a beautiful annual Thanksgiving tradition for us — giving these children a year’s worth of medicine.

It will take a total of $3,642.12.

If every friend of New Thing will give whatever they can, we can make the goal.

Maybe 20 friends can give $182.11 each. Or maybe 40 friends can give $91.06 each. Maybe you can be 1 of 60 friends giving $60.70 each. Whatever you can give, large or small, will make a very real and practical difference for a disabled child. And if we go over the goal, every penny will still go totally into Belarus, to care for people in need. So I hope to hear from you soon. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, as you celebrate with those you love, you’ll have the satisfaction of remembering what you did today. You helped disabled children, in a far-off land. They’ll have the meds they need … thanks to you. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Thanks for journeying with us! Much love, Doug Brendel

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