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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

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I am brimming with pride and joy!

Generous friends of New Thing have FULLY FUNDED the children’s ward at Shumilina Hospital in Belarus!

Every child will have a new bed, a new visitor chair, and a new private nightstand cabinet!

Thank you so much to every dear soul who contributed.

And special thanks to the two friends who led the charge with the Matching Challenge, contributing two beds for every one bed donated.

I am so grateful!

I already sent word to “The Great Kozovaya” to give Head Doctor Constantin the good news about our Christmas present to the children of Shumilina, and her reply made me laugh out loud:

“Dr. Constantine, he did not believe his ears! Even his bald head sweated with excitement! He asked to convey a big thanks to you and the sponsors for your help!”

I think you’ll also smile when you see the children and workers at Rudensk, in a lively new photo report here.

Widen your browser to enjoy the photos fully.

Thank you again … and merry Christmas!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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