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Deaf orphan preschoolers

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

deaf orphan preschoolers Island of Joy Vitebsk

Just a note to update you on the situation in Vitebsk.

I asked for help to construct an “Island of Joy” for preschoolers who can’t go home on weekends and holidays from the boarding school in Vitebsk because their parents can’t or won’t take them, or because the children’s parents have died.

Nine households responded generously to provide a total of $2,890. This puts us just $67.89 short of the total needed. I hope you may be able to close the gap by giving some or all of this final amount.

As I promised before, if we receive more than the goal, we’ll also help director Svyeta construct wheelchair access for the children who are blind and disabled (that project will take $4,013).

Thanks so much for considering this beautiful opportunity to give a “Thanksgiving gift from America” to children in need. And thanks for journeying with us!

Much love, Doug Brendel

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