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  • Doug Brendel

And now, the future changes

I’m grinning, writing this. As of this moment, we’ve gone over the top!

12 households have given generously to New Thing to meet the $2000 goal we’ve been aiming for.

Thank you to all who gave!

It’s not just about a “campaign” or even a “project.”

It’s about improving life for 82 children with mental and physical disabilities.

Now, thanks to wonderful friends like you,

in the boarding school, where they live year-round, in the Belarusian town of Osipovichi...

Things change.

  • No more broken gutters letting rain and melted snow into children’s rooms.

  • No more flammable wallpaper in bedrooms and classrooms.

  • You’re also fixing 2 big broken windows — serious business in the Belarusian winter.

(Imagine doing all this for $2K in the U.S.... No way!)

I am grateful to be able to bring such great news, and grateful for the compassion of caring friends.

You’ve done a good thing. I salute you.

Thanks for journeying with New Thing!

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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