• Doug Brendel

A different kind of Tuesday

They call it Giving Tuesday, but today, I’m calling it Thanking Tuesday.

Because friends of New Thing have already given so beautifully this year.

  • There’s a homeless guy in Minsk wearing warm winter shoes, thanks to you.

  • There’s a mentally disabled child at Bogomol sleeping on a comfortable new mattress, thanks to you.

  • An orphan is thriving in her freshman year at college, with kitchenware and bedding — and a laptop! — thanks to you.

  • A hearing-impaired teen in Babruisk is learning to sew, on a brand-new sewing machine — in a warm room, with weather-tight windows — thanks to you.

  • Viktor and Masha, in spite of their disabilities, get around on their new tricycles now — and Sergei rocks his new power-wheelchair — thanks to you.

  • The disabled children at Osipovichi have the meds they need, and the equipment in their classrooms is working now, thanks to you.

  • Whole classrooms of hearing-impaired children at Vitebsk can listen together, with their new equipment — thanks to you.

  • The workers caring for sick kids at Porechya are looking forward to the arrival of their new washing machine — thanks to you.

And this list could go on and on — because tens of thousands of people have been helped in Belarus this year, through the work of our “Response of the Heart” team ... thanks to you.

They are grateful. So am I. Your compassion is really making a difference.

Thanks for journeying with us ... and for being so generous.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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