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  • Doug Brendel

A kiss from Minsk

Friends of New Thing gave generously to provide Life Starter Kits for graduating orphans in Kobryn, Belarus, as they head off to college.

This week was exciting, as the “student” gear for the Kits arrived in our “Response of the Heart” offices!

Each orphan heading to university will receive a laptop, student software, mouse, flash drive, etc., in addition to “lifeware”: kitchen stuff, bedding, appliances, and more.

Team co-founder Lydia Danielevna sent a video thank-you for all the help you’ve offered, to so many in need, down through the years:

  • Orphans at Kobryn...

  • Families of children with disabilities in Dzerzhinsk...

  • Children with physical and mental disabilities in Osipovichi...

  • Sick kids at Ushachi...

  • Visually impaired and blind kids at Shklov...

And the list goes on.

Here’s just the final 12 seconds of the video — let Lydia Danielevna blow you a kiss!

God bless you for giving so selflessly.

Thanks for journeying with New Thing!

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

(Photo and video by our dear friend Oleg Yarovenko)

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