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42 seconds of love


This won’t even take a minute ... but I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty great.

Last fall, we learned that the workers at Porechya, at a boarding school for 120 children with medical problems, were doing all the kids’ laundry by hand — because their ancient washing machine had broken down, long ago. We also learned that the boarding school property had no security system. I asked friends of New Thing to donate a total of $1,500 to make both these wrongs right. You responded beautifully — and now 4 of the kids have sent us a very special type of “thank-you card”....

They learned enough English to make us a 42-second video! (If the video link doesn’t work for you, try this alternative video format.) The kids will show off the new commercial-grade washing machine (in the very formal traditional Belarusian style). They’ll even demonstrate the security system for you!

When you hear them talk to “Dahg,” that’s me (Doug); but their words of gratitude are really for everyone who gave! I am truly grateful for your wonderful compassion and generosity, as we support the workers who are giving their lives to care for children in need, all over Belarus, in the former Soviet Union. More adventures to come!

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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