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  • Doug Brendel

Do your laundry here

Good morning.

I’ve learned that the workers at Porechya, caring for 120 children with gastro-intestinal problems, are doing the laundry by hand.

The washing machine, from the 1940s, broke down long ago.

Also, the school’s “security system” is an ancient padlock.

We could do a good deed: We could solve both problems.

We could provide a new washing machine, and a security system, for a total of $1500.

Maybe 30 of us would be willing to give $50 each.

Or maybe you could give more or less.

Anything you give will be a real help!

And as always, if we make the goal, every additional dollar will still go entirely into Belarus, to help people in need, through the work of our “Response of the Heart” team there.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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