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  • Doug Brendel

You at your strongest

I survived! In our crazy 2-day “Mombasa Marathon” this weekend, I performed my entire comic novel Praying for Mrs. Mombasa.

End-to-end, it was 10 hours or so of reading aloud, to benefit the people of Belarus.

Truly gratifying to see so many people respond generously, giving $2 or more per hour, to New Thing’s work of compassion. We raised more than $1000 — 100% of which goes directly in Belarus. And 20 wonderful people gave for the first time ever!

THANK YOU TO ALL who tuned in, who shared the news, who gave.

The novel was light, but the cause was heavy. The need is great — but love is even stronger. You can bench-press a barbell, you can throw a ball the length of a football field... But I think you’re at your strongest when you open your heart to someone in need. That’s when you make the biggest impact.

Your generosity is going to change things for some orphan...

some abused or abandoned child...

some foster family...

some homeless person...

some child or adult who has disabilities...

someone who sick in the hospital...

someone who’s alone in the world...

someone in need, somewhere in Belarus.

On their behalf, I can only say, from my heart... Спасибо, что путешествуете с нами! Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love, Doug Brendel

P.S. Please share our links to spread the word to your own social media circle: On Instagram, we’re @NewThingNet On Facebook, we’re On the Web, we’re Thanks again!

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