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  • Doug Brendel

With a heart full of gratitude...

With a heart full of gratitude, I am delighted to report that 34 households and groups gave generously (some twice, once even four times!)...

So now we can provide Life Starter Kits to all the graduating orphans at Children’s Village in Kobryn, Belarus, as they head off to school!

A Kit is not actually a “kit”; it’s a great big pile of stuff that takes multiple trips to carry to a vehicle 😄 :

  • Bedding, towels, an iron, dishes — and for those heading to university, a laptop with a bag, mouse, flash drive, and a package of printing paper.

This will put these young people on a level playing field with all the incoming freshmen who will be arriving at school from their own biological families.

I always smile to remember the young woman who received a Life Starter Kit and, a couple years into her college career, reported with a smile:

“I’m the most popular student on my floor of the dorm, because I’m the only one with an iron!”

That’s a Life Starter Kit for ya!

God bless all who gave so generously.

And thanks to all for journeying with New Thing.

More adventures to come!

Much love,


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