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Winter is Coming!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Winter is harsh in Belarus. Kids get sick. At the hospital in Novolukomol, ultrasonic devices are crucial for treating sick children, especially those with neurological, cardio, and muscle problems.

But the equipment there is extremely old, and wearing down.It may not make it through another winter.

“The Great Kozovaya,” our “Response of the Heart” team leader, has sent me an urgent request:

Can we replace the equipment at Novolukomol before winter sets in?

The total bill will be $2,191.47. I know that’s a lot. But I hope we can do it.

Would you please help? You could be 1 of 40 friends who chips in $54.79.

Maybe you could even be 1 of 20 who gives $109.57. But any gift you could give today, large or small, will really help.

I leave for Belarus in 20 days. I plan to visit the hospital at Novolukomol. I hope I can give them good news!

Please let me know ASAP that you can be part of this.

Thank you in advance! Much love, Doug Brendel


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