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Where we stand on where they sleep

A couple weeks ago I asked friends of New Thing to help provide beds and bedding for the orphans at the Children’s Village in Kobryn, Belarus.

7 generous people responded, giving a total of $1,242.

That’s 35% of the way to the $3,533 goal.

The situation with the orphans is bad.

Their beds are 27 years old, some actually falling apart.

I hope you can give today.

Here are some possibilities:

* A bunk bed is $179.97. They need two. $89.99 will provide one bunk! * A standard child’s bed costs $91.98. They need two immediately. If you can give $45.99 I’ll combine your gift with someone else’s to give a child a new bed. * They need 12 mattresses, with water-repellant covers. A mattress with a cover is $209.96. * They need 25 bedspreads. $37.60 will provide two, $56.40 will provide three. Whatever you can give today, you’ll be giving an orphan a sturdy, comfortable new bed — for the first time in their life. Thanks for journeying with us! Much love,

Doug Brendel

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