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  • Doug Brendel

What to do about a bad risk

“Bad risk.”

That’s what we call someone who needs a loan but probably can’t pay it back.

Avoid bad risks ... That’s a sensible rule of thumb.

But sometimes, “sensible” isn’t the same as “best.”

Maybe ... instead of refusing to make a loan to a bad risk ...

I could just make it a gift.

Yeah, that feels better.

I’m fortunate; I have enough to give.

I can celebrate my good fortunate, in this small way:

Meeting someone else’s need. With a gift.

A little girl in a children’s shelter in Belarus has needs.

I could help — but she can’t pay me back.

A homeless grandpa in Minsk is hungry.

I could help — but he can’t pay me back.

In this New Year, I resolve to worry less about getting paid back...

and focus more on meeting the needs of those less fortunate than me.

I humbly invite you to do likewise.

Would you please join me in a commitment to monthly giving to New Thing?

100% of your gift each month will go into Belarus.

No overhead. No fundraising percentage. Every penny helps people in need.

Children and adults, families and individuals, young and old...

None of whom will ever be able to pay you back.

All they’ll be able to do is thank God you were there for them.

Your monthly gift will go far.

Our whole “Response of the Heart” team operates on less than $8000 a month.

That’s something like $11 an hour.

If you pledge $22 a month, you’ll be providing 2 full hours of care, of compassion, of practical aid.

If a monthly commitment isn’t possible for you right now, please give whatever you can today.

You’ll make a real difference in someone’s life.

No matter if they can’t pay you back.

Maybe not exactly “sensible” ... but way beautiful.

Thanks for journeying with New Thing!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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