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  • Doug Brendel

What changes?

Remember April?

From April, back then ... to almost-July, right now ...

Lots of changes, right?

You could talk about the weather. Or graduations. Or ... plenty of other changes.

For the orphans and their beloved house-parents at the Children’s Village in Kobryn, Belarus...

The changes have been FANTASTIC.

The new urgently needed mega-sofa, provided by generous friends of New Thing just this past April,

replaced a wretched decades-old monstrosity.

The kids (and the grown-ups) are celebrating!

(Here’s my original post about the situation, from April.)

But there are 8 homes in the Children's Village, housing up to 10 orphans each.

So 7 homes still have old, ragged, broken-down sofas — repeatedly re-upholstered over multiple decades.

The rest of the kids are hoping for new sofas too.

Maybe it feels like “old news” to you and me?

A friend has offered to match every gift given for this specific project

So I hope, in the midst of all our summertime fun, we can do this.

A single massive sofa — designed for the unique space of a Children’s Village house,

and for the wear-and-tear of dozens of children, each one spending their whole childhood in this house...

...would cost $5000 in the U.S.

In Belarus, even with inflation, the cost is only $2000.

So $1000 becomes $2000 — and we put another sofa in another home at the orphanage.

Would you please take a moment out of this fun-filled summer season

Any gift you can give, large or small, will make twice the impact.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for journeying with New Thing! God bless you.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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