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The long, hot summer

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


It seems like it’s been a long, hot summer since I first asked for help to release a truckload of Irish donations to the needy ones of Belarus — back on July 15th.

I would much rather be sending you photos of people gratefully receiving help all across Belarus — this is what we do, with the help of friends like you!

But here’s pretty good news: 46 generous friends have given a total of $7041.33 against the goal of $7232.38. Thank you to all who gave (some more than once)!

I have high hopes that the final $191.05 will be given by the Sept. 8th deadline — to release the final $1293.41 in aid — and we can all celebrate!

Thank you so much for hanging in there with New Thing this summer!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

Donate online here Sign up to auto-give monthly To send a check: New Thing, 403 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich MA 01938 Thanks again!

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