• Doug Brendel

Thankful for the very, very little things

Only once in a great while, have I been so thankful for something, that tears came to my eyes.

But never for something as small as an aspirin.

My friend Larisa nearly wept when I said, “We’ll send the aspirins.”

She directs the boarding school for children with mental and physical disabilities, in Osipovichi, Belarus.

Every year at Thanksgiving time, our New Thing family makes it a tradition to provide a year’s worth of basic meds and ordinary medicine-cabinet supplies, so the workers can care properly for the kids.

Tylenol, vitamins, hydrogen peroxide, Band-Aids, gauze, cotton balls ... but also: • meds they need for brain function,  • meds to fight progressive muscle weakness,  • meds to ease muscle tension in kids with cerebral palsy — and more.

Larisa can hardly believe it that New Thing keeps up this tradition so faithfully.

I guess she thinks we’ll forget, or we’ll get focused on other things.

But I can’t imagine forgetting those kids ... and I can’t think of a better Thanksgiving tradition.

I also know that Larisa has no other way to meet this need.

It will take a total of $3,642.12 for the whole year’s worth of meds and supplies.

But I also bring you good news:

Two friends have offered us an amazing $2,000 Matching Challenge.

If we can raise $1,642.12, they’ll give the remaining $2,000.

This means every $1 you can give today will effectively become $2.22.

So I’m hoping for 30 friends to give a “Thanksgiving gift” of $54.74 today.

Or maybe you can be one of 17 friends giving $96.60.

But whatever gift you can give today, large or small, you’ll be doing a beautiful thing.

And come Thanksgiving Day, as you celebrate the blessings of life, you’ll have the extra joy of knowing that you helped the children at Osipovichi.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

P.S. You can meet the kids herevia our previous photo reports from Osipovichi:

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