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  • Doug Brendel

Sweet dreams...

It’s hard to be homeless, anywhere.

But for a few people living with homelessness in the capital of Belarus, you just made it a little bit more comfortable.

The “League of Good” is a growing network of homes for the homeless in Minsk.

Generous friends of New Thing empowered our “Response of the Heart” team to help the “League of Good” find this additional home for 10 people.

And you provided brand-new double-decker beds!

(That’s our “Response of the Heart” team worker Elena P., with shelter director Alexey admiring your generosity.)

You also delivered:

  • healthy food

  • the precious commodity of toilet paper, and

  • free legal help for those who’ve lost their passports — which is incapacitating in this society.

God bless all who give, and thanks to everyone journeying with New Thing.

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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