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  • Doug Brendel

Sticking with it

In a shelter for abused and abandoned children, you never want to see the same child twice.

But in the shelter at Zhodino, where New Thing’s Belarusian work of compassion began, we found Alina as a tiny girl... ...and then again, a couple years later... ...and then again. Friends of New Thing had no way to know that they were friends to Alina, too. Year after year, your generosity helped to remodel the once-decrepit shelter, top to bottom. Making it more and more like a comfortable home, for children who truly needed comfort. Today, Alina is a happy, healthy wife and mother, and an online college student. Grateful that during her hardest days, someone was there to love her: Dedicated shelter workers ... “house moms” ... and you. Not every problem can be solved “today.” Sometimes, it takes someone sticking with it, day after day, year after year. God bless all the friends who’ve stuck with New Thing, and all who will stick with us, even through trying times. May your days be merry and bright. Thanks for making their days merry and bright ... children and adults in need, all over Belarus. More adventures to come! Much love, Doug Brendel


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