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So much

So much gratitude ... for the 11 friends who gave so generously to help us meet the $1525 goal ... providing equipment for the wood shop at the boarding school for children with mental disabilities at Bogomol, in Belarus.

We were able to fund a lathe, a jigsaw, a drilling machine and manual drills, an electric sharpener, various hand tools and other materials, and safety glasses for all the students!

THANK YOU! Director Valery Petrovich and his staff are deeply committed to equipping the children for “real life,” giving them the skills they’ll need for self-sufficiency.

Meanwhile, the kids in the woodworking class are improving the boarding school facilities, which saves on the cost of hiring work. In a place where budgets are extremely tight, this is a real blessing. And maybe most important of all is the message these children hear in their own hearts, as they experience such accomplishments: You have value. You’re not trapped by your “disabilities.” You can make a positive difference in your world. Their lives will be better, for what friends like you have invested in them today. Thank you again! More adventures to come! Much love,

Doug Brendel

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