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  • Doug Brendel

Room in your cupboard, maybe?

Let’s say I give you some tasty fruit preserves.

22 tons of fruit preserves.

$56,000 worth of fruit preserves.

How fast could you stack it in your pantry?

Here’s the backstory:

Remember that huge load of jam donated by an Italian charity back in December?

People in Belarus were so grateful, the Italians did it again!

This time: nutritious, healthy preserves in 6 flavors:

Apricot, raspberry, fig, strawberry, orange, and lingonberry.

Generous friends giving to New Thing empower all the work of our “Response of the Heart” team in Belarus.

As you give to New Thing, 100% of your donation goes to help children and adults in need there.

Like people for whom a jar of fresh fruit preserves will be a healthy luxury!

On behalf of the orphans, children in shelters and foster care, the homeless, folks with disabilities, hospital patients, and others in need in Belarus...


More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

(Video and photos by our faithful friend Oleg Yarovenko)

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