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More about that little girl

I wrote a couple weeks ago about Alina, a little girl we found at a shelter for abused and abandoned children in Zhodino, Belarus, nearly 20 years ago.

Maybe you clicked on the link to learn more about her, and “go with her” for a return visit, as an adult, to the shelter she lived in 3 separate times as a child.

Friends responded so warmly to that 7-minute video that photographer Oleg and videographer Max have assembled an expanded 16-minute mini-documentary with more detls of Alina’s return visit to the shelter.

(And at the end of the video, you’ll see photos of Alina as a little girl, the way we remember her from “way back when.”)

You’ll meet the current shelter director, you’ll see a bit of our dear friend and longtime photographer Oleg, and Alina will take you for a minute or so into the “Domik” after-school center that generous friends of New Thing gave to build, the first of its kind in Belarus, designed to keep at-risk children from winding up in the shelter next door.

You’ll also hear Alina talk about “Doug and Kristina” ... but she’s really talking about you.

My wife and I were only the face of New Thing, representing friends like you — caring, praying, giving — who have helped to save Alina’s life, and the lives of so many hundreds of other children.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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