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  • Doug Brendel

“Mommy, I feel hot”


A bit of Tylenol … that’s all it would take, to ease that child’s fever.

You go to the medicine cabinet, and 5 minutes later, your little one is smiling again.

Playing, laughing … happy.

It’s different for some children, though.

Like the disabled children in the state-run boarding school at Osipovichi, Belarus.

The official budget covers the special meds and supplies they need for their unique mental and physical conditions.

But not the basic “normal” stuff you find in your own bathroom:

No over-the-counter painkillers, no Band-Aids, no cotton balls.

Friends of New Thing rewrite the Osipovichi story.

As we prepare to celebrate our own Thanksgiving, we give the workers and children there something to be thankful for, too:

A full year’s worth of basic meds and medical supplies, for all the disabled children at Osipovichi.

It takes a total of $3,642.12.

But two of our friends have stepped up to offer this challenge:

If we can raise $1,642.12, they’ll give the remaining $2,000.

So I’m hoping for 30 friends to give a “Thanksgiving gift” of $54.74 today.

Or maybe you can be one of 17 friends giving $96.60.

But whatever gift you can give today, large or small, you’ll be doing a beautiful thing.

My prayer is that I can send a Thanksgiving Day message to “The Great Kozovaya,” the humble little woman who leads our “Response of the Heart” team in Belarus, and give her the good news for the workers and children at Osipovichi:

“Meds and supplies are on their way!”

Please let me hear from you ASAP. Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

P.S. You can meet the kids via our previous photo reports from Osipovichi here:

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