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  • Doug Brendel

Love and Water

Water won’t stop.

Try to stop it, and it will find a way.

The Grand Canyon was carved not by human hands, not by massive machines, but by the relentless insistence of something simple and colorless: H2O.

Flowing, or dripping, or leaking, water doesn’t care.

It just keeps finding a way to keep going.

Love is water.

If it’s love, you can’t stop it.

It will find a way.

Which is where we’re at in Belarus right now.

Finding ways.

It has now become difficult if not impossible to bring humanitarian aid into Belarus.

Groups we’ve relied on for years for donated cargo have been stymied.

Supplies and material are available inside Belarus, but costs are skyrocketing.

Yet love finds a way.

As I write, our “Response of the Heart” team is funded through July (maybe August, depending on how the exchange rate changes).

We’re still able to get funding to them.

Most important of all, they’re continuing to serve people in need.

Our soup kitchen for the homeless and poor of Minsk is now funded through other sources, and set up as a separate entity.

But water — and love — don’t stop.

Our “Response of the Heart” team is now focused on helping people in a shelter for the homeless.

We’ve already obtained crucial medications, and we’re planning to provide food as well as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, antiseptics, toilet paper, underwear, and more.

Our team is also providing urgently important connections to medical, dental, and legal help for the homeless.

The key is for our love to be water, too.

To keep flowing. Keep insisting. Keep helping. Keep changing lives.

I heard from Anatoly, our “Response of the Heart” team leader.

He talked about aid not getting through.

But he finished his statement with one small word ... a word of hope:

Aid can’t get in “yet.”

“Yet” means it’s not over.

There is hope.

As long as love keeps flowing.

“We hope,” he added, “for better times ahead.”


Thanks for journeying with us, even when the journey seems slow.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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