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  • Doug Brendel

Look what you did!

We just got the 2021 report from our “Response of the Heart” team, and ... WOW!

What a beautiful, amazing picture of what caring people can accomplish. Here are the highlights: 9 huge loads of donated humanitarian aid (7 from Germany, 1 from Italy, 1 from the U.S.) A total of 207,413 lbs. (103.7 tons) Total value: $113,805 Where did it all go? Here:

  • If you gave to New Thing, you helped our “Response of the Heart” team serve people in need all over Belarus every single day.

  • You kept our soup kitchen open to serve the homeless and poor of Minsk with a hot daily meal, fresh clothing (from our “boutique”), and help with everything from healthcare to haircuts.

  • You provided woodworking and safety equipment for the children with mental disabilities in the boarding school at Bogomol, to equip them for adult life.

  • You brought hygiene and sanitation supplies to a home for the elderly and those with disabilities in Grozovo, and installed valuable exercise equipment to keep residents strong and healthy.

  • At the boarding school for children with disabilities at Rudensk, you cleaned up a terrible mold and fungus problem, brought in 45 brand-new bedside tables, installed new baseboards, and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls!

  • You provided “Life Starter Kits” for orphans graduating from the Children’s Village at Kobryn and heading out to start life as adults.

  • You provided an entire year of basic meds and supplies so workers could care for the children with mental and physical disabilities at the boarding school in Osipovichi.

And much, much more. God bless everyone who lets their heart lead them to give so generously. I am deeply grateful — but far more important is the gratitude of thousands of men, women, and children all across the Republic of Belarus. Now, in these times of real difficulty for Belarus, our compassion means more than ever. Thanks for journeying with us! More adventures to come! Much love, Doug Brendel

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