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  • Doug Brendel

“Look at this!”

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


“Look at this!” We say these words over and over. And somebody always looks. We take it for granted. But for children who are nearly blind, it’s not so easy. If somebody says “Look at this,” they can’t. Until now.

With a tremendous machine I’ll simply call a “magnifier,” a nearly-blind child can see any object.,Not just computer images — actual objects.

Think what this means: A teacher can say “Look at this!” And for the first time in her life, a child will be able to see what you and I see. At the Molodzyechna school for the visually impaired, there are 200 children. We can’t help those who are totally blind, but many of these kids have some slight vision.

We can help them. So we did. We gave an awesome Christmas gift: literally, the gift of sight.

Generous friends of New Thing gave a total of $3,500 toward this need.

I am grateful for every gift. Thank you so much for your warm response.

It was a great moment when our Minsk team contacted the school to say those lovely words:

“Look at this!”

Thanks for journeying with us. Much love, Doug Brendel

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