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  • Doug Brendel

Just to say...

The headlines from eastern Europe are disturbing these days.

But good things are happening there too.

So this is just a note to say Thank you...

  • From every child blind or visually impaired at Shklov

  • From every child deaf or hearing-impaired at Vitebsk

  • From every child with mental or physical disabilities at Osipovichi

  • From every child abused or abandoned at Zhodino

  • From every child sick in the hospital at Ushachi

  • From every orphan in the Children’s Village at Kobryn

  • From every homeless person eating in our soup kitchen in Minsk

  • From every person whose life has been touched through our “Response of the Heart” team...

God bless every person who has given. You’re making a beautiful difference, all over Belarus, through your support of New Thing. More adventures to come! Thanks for journeying with us! Much love, Doug Brendel

(Photo by Oleg Yarovenko)

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