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  • Doug Brendel

It's our birthday


It’s a day to pause and celebrate a bit, perhaps.

20 years ago today, New Thing was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under U.S. laws.

This has enabled us to help people in Belarus more effectively as donations by U.S. citizens are eligible for income-tax deductions. For two decades we have faithfully provided receipts for all contributions. And I’m glad to report we have a rock-solid track record of absolute financial integrity. We’re still all-volunteer on the U.S. side, which means every penny donated goes into Belarus. Bottom line: Generous gifts from friends like you empower our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk to meet the needs of orphans, foster families, the homeless, children and adults with disabilities, the sick, the elderly, and others in need all across Belarus. It hasn’t been an entirely smooth 20 years.

We’ve had some heartbreaks, some hiccups, some hindrances.

But the work continues. The mission is unchanged.

Because it’s still so needed.

Thanks for journeying with us.

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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