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Igor says Thank you!

He was a professional man. A lawyer. But he fell on hard times.  Last year, four days after Christmas, Igor was released from a Belarusian prison.

36 years old, no family, no job, no money, no home, no prospects. He could work as a loader at a huge fish market, but he would need to pass a medical exam:  58 rubles, please. Or $27.69 U.S. 

Igor turned to our “Response of the Heart” team.  We had the joy of covering his medical bill, then providing furniture and bedding for the old village house where he was living. 

“The Great Kozovaya,” our team leader in Minsk, puts it simply:  “We help such people in order to give them a chance.”

Igor’s on his way. He’s determined to lead a new kind of life.  Thanks to all who give to New Thing.  You helped us say “yes” to his dreams!

Much love, Doug Brendel

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