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How much pizza is enough?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


Sometimes you just have to laugh. “The Great Kozovaya” got news that a pizza truck would arrive in Belarus the next day from Germany. Not the kind of truck you buy a slice from at the beach, or on a city street. This was more of a … semi.  Loaded with pizza.  Lots of pizza. Seven tons of frozen pizza. There was no place to store it, no way to keep it refrigerated. All they could do was give it away — fast. Kozovaya and her team swung into action. They called institutions all over Belarus with the amazing news: Send a driver now, and we’ll give you all the pizza you can carry! “We started to give out the pizzas at 6 p.m.,” interpreter Katya reports, “and finished at 3 p.m. the next day, non-stop.” 21 continuous hours of pizza distribution. PIZZA FOR EVERYBODY!  Imagine the incredible surprise, the unthinkable blessing, experienced by the poor, the disabled, large families, churches, and people served by institutions all around the country. Pizza went to Vitebsk in the north, Grodno in the west, Kobryn in the south, Polotsk, Brest, Minsk, and elsewhere! Thank you to all who give so generously to New Thing — you make it possible for Kozovaya and our “Response of the Heart” team to take advantage of the occasional unexpected bounty, for the sake of people in need. Much love, Doug Brendel P.S. Some have wondered about our “talking stick” campaign for blind children at Molodzyechna. As of today, friends have generously given a total of $2,985.16 … so we only have $754.04 to go, and we’ll be able to deliver 10 units to the boarding school. Thank you again!

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