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How love works

It was exactly 5 years ago that Kristina visited Old Borisov, a town in the north of Belarus with a boarding school for children at risk of tuberculosis due to exposure at home.

There she found beautiful kids, enthusiastic workers — but ghastly laundry facilities ... literally the worst she had ever encountered in more than a quarter-century of visits to Belarusian institutions.

(You can see the original photo report here.)

But love doesn’t just feel. Love goes to work. Friends of New Thing came together to fund a brand-new commercial dryer.

When I visited Old Borisov myself, later that year, I found the new equipment fully installed and operational — and some very happy workers.

(You can see that post here.)

I think it’s good, on this 5th anniversary of Kristina’s disturbing discovery, to look back and realize:

Some 2,000 children have come through that boarding school since then...

And every day, the workers giving their lives to care for them have had cause for gratitude — even joy.

Thanks to friends like you.

Even though we can’t be there in person today, your love still works.

And who knows what we’ll be looking back on 5 years from now?

God bless all who turn love into good work.

Thanks for journeying with New Thing!

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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