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  • Doug Brendel


The turmoil in Belarus has been devastating to me, and I can hardly imagine how it is for our Belarusian friends.

Some who have “dachas” (cottages) outside of Minsk are spending their weekends there because it’s so scary to be in the city during the protests.

But our team has not missed a single day of work.

A couple weeks ago, after I sent you a video link about the protests in front of our building on Karl Marx Street, the Belarusian government swiftly blocked our website,, so that none of our Belarusian friends could access it.

That video post is still up on our site; yet today, I am grateful to report, has been “set free” in Belarus.

Svoboda!, as they say. Freedom!

The authorities know that New Thing has faithfully served the people of Belarus for decades, without regard to politics.

Love prevails!

But it is no exaggeration to say that the people of Belarus need us now more than ever.

So I would welcome your generous support today.

I hope you’ll even consider giving monthly (by choosing the “monthly” button here).

Whatever you can give, you’ll make a real impact in the lives of orphans, abused and abandoned children, the homeless, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, and others in need ... in a place most Americans never even think about, yet a place of very real need.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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