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For some very special children…

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


You should be proud. These photos, from 3 days ago, show your compassion at work.

Our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk co-organized a Festival dedicated to the “International Day of Down Syndrome Children.” We partnered with Belarusian Down Syndrome Youth Organization and the Palace of Children and Youth in Minsk.

Thanks to friends like you supporting New Thing so faithfully and generously, our team was able to give every child a box full of gifts — plus big stuffed animals!

The event was very touching and colorful,” Kozovaya says. “It brought lots of joy to the children!”

All of this happened just one day after Kozovaya and her team received the latest loads of humanitarian aid to distribute throughout Belarus: From Germany: 12 tons of clothing, toys, furniture, sewing machines, wheelchairs From the U.S.: 14 tons of boxes full of presents for children (just in time for the Festival!)

Thank you so much for reaching out so graciously through New Thing to the people of Belarus. I am grateful for you. God bless you!

Much love, Doug Brendel

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